Friday, 15 November 2013

Genre Research: Pretty In Pink,1989

Film Poster  
Production: Paramount Pictures
Budget: $N/A; UK box office: £N/A 81%; IMDB 6.7

Things We Hope To Use:


we thought it would be nice in our film opening to have some scenes of them walking into school therefore we took some inspiration from the outside of the school from this film. We liked the bus that was in the shot with the line of cars and bikes with the school in the background, showing there is a mix of wealth within the school.

We wanted to create our protagonist to be the outsider so we plan to do this by showing her with odd and therefore not the stereotypical fashionable items of clothing and possibly things that do not match or look good together. We also want to cast her preferably with ginger hair as this also signifies her being an outsider. 

We were inspired with this shot we liked the trainer idea and the fact you cant see his face therefore creating narrative enigma. We also liked the other peoples feet in the shot adding to the fact its a school in a busy corridor.

We liked how the cheerleader character was shown and we hope to take some inspiration from this as we like her hair and the way she looks and the dress idea. 

we like the extreme close ups of her doing her make up and this is something we want to try and copy as we think it will look good and give us a bit of shot variety.

we wanted to portray our male character like this as we thought it would be different on a typical rom com with stereotypes. We also thought that because we are a micro production company we want to show off our creative talent by also having counter-types and a normative representations. we liked the costume as it contained a hat and sunglasses which a not normal in a school situation. we also liked the blazer and shirt idea. But we think it might be easier to show him in a waistcoat instead. we think this will show and demonstrate to the audience who we are trying to produce. We really like this costume as soon as we saw it whilst conducting our research we knew we had to take inspiration or copy the costume idea as it was exactly what we wanted to portray.  

We took these screen shots as we liked the way that the clothes had been arranged in the wardrobe and the way she pulls out each item. we hope to take some inspiration from this. we also liked the jewelry draw and showing all the bracelets in a bundle in the draw with her rummaging through to find one she likes. 


We thought the start to the start of the film was different and therefore not conventional which is something we want to try and take inspiration from. We liked the fact it wasn't stereotypical and the setting was cloudy with grey skies with a working class background in comparison to conventional films which often had the opposite to this. We liked the urban look and thought that it would suit our rom com with a twist. We liked the fact that there was a pink car outside and we thought this added to the protagonists character. We thought it worked in contrast having a pink car outside with the gloomy background which also made it standout colour wise but also made it stand out as it looks almost out of place which we liked.  

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