Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Decisions In Choosing Our Characters


We decided to choose lauren based on our genre research into Pretty in Pink 1986 which features a the protagonist (a girl who is similar to who we tried to portray lauren as). 

quirky character 

It also featured another character who was shown as being quriky and different
 - this is something we thought would work  well and create a artistic twist on a classic rom com between a jock and a cheerleader. 

popular cheerleaders 
we also took inspiration for the from the film Heathers 1988 to decide our popular cheerleader type as we felt the opening to this was produced in a good way and the way the characters were dressed and portrayed was interesting and this is something we wanted to replicate. 

socially rejected character

we found that Trick or Treat 1986 was an inspiring film to base our school scenes on because he is a socially rejected character and this fitted nicely with our socially rejected character that being the protagonist (the girl). 

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