Sunday, 24 November 2013

Initial Idea of Target Audience

We thought about our target audience but came to the conclusion we wanted something that we would enjoy going to see. Therefore we needed to be the target audience the same age as ourselves. 

Which would mean a target audience of 15-24 which we thought would be appropriate as we also know this is the age group that visits the cinema the most, and this would also be the age that our characters would be in our film as we would find it harder getting younger or older actors as we are a micro budget production company and would have to pay for older and potentially younger actors which is something we don't want to be doing the the expense isn't necessary. 

Our genre choice also is popular amongst teenagers so we feel this helps anchor our choice too. We have also chosen to set our film in a school so therefore trying to attract an audience that is not at school is silly therefore the 15-24 will incorporate students at school, sixth form, college or university which keeps many 'doors' open. At the end of the day everyone has been to school so will be able to relate to our film in some way. However we took ideas and inspiration from films we had looked at in detail. 

We thought it would be easier to base our target audience on films we had already seen as if we are taking inspiration from them we feel it must be important to carry on the same target audience as it must be the same or close to theirs. Therefore it was important to look at the films we had looked at in detail therefore we chose ones that we liked and enjoyed and all roughly targeted the same age range for audience. 

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