Saturday, 9 November 2013

CW: Genre Research: About A Boy, 2002

About a Boy

Paul and Chris Weitz, 2002 (Rom-Com, 12)
Produced by: Universal Pictures
Distributed by: Universal Pictures
Budget: $27M
Box Office: £16M ($40M

This rom-com is slightly atypical, in the fact that it features a central protaganist who is a man. The movie follows a man as he chases a single mum and bonds with her son, an outsider.
Paul and Chris Wietz are named
The titles are mostly similar to previous ones I have looked out. Notable titles include the 3 main stars before the title of the movie itself and 'A Paul Wietz and Chris Wietz film', the latter title fits with the aueter theory.
The first we see of the main character
Arguably the second main character

Points about the opening:
The opening features a soft guitar song over the young boy's parts which picks up over the main characters parts. It also has a voiceover over the opening. This voiceover provides exposition on the characters and how they feel at the start of the movie. There is a general lack of romantic elements through the opening, though it is clear, though the cutting between the two (and the foreshadowing of hugh grant holding a baby) that the two characters will be link, most likely though the boys mum, as hugh grants character is shown to have an interest in single movies, as shown at the end of the opening.
foreshadowing the fatherly ro

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