Thursday, 7 November 2013

Genre Research: Wild Child, 2008

Film Poster
Wild Child 
Nick Moore, 2008
Budget: $50m; UK box office:$84m


spoilt girl, feminist views


universal studios
working title

universal pictures presents 
in association with studio canal
a working title production


A rebellious Malibu princess is shipped off to a strict English boarding school by her father.
Elements of the Sound Mix:

Opening Scene: 

girl in bed - blonde - bedroom is girly things stuck on wall - pink and blue colours - calm - messy room - stereotypical teen - big bed signifying wealth 
calendar is girlie - drawings, notes, pictures, arrows pointing around the calendar but most of them stuck or drawn for what seems to be 'today'  

Opening Scenes: 

after poppy jumps over and into the sea we see that her dad is angry poppy is see as inferior because of the camera angles used and her dad storming over to her shouting. Poppy is made to look small - her hair is wet and she looks down in shame however trying to remain strong by shouting back during the argument 


house - seems quite big - big kitchen, big bedroom, pool - wealth - 
holding christian louboutin shoes showing wealth 


girl poppy - blonde - manicured nails - make up - stylish clothes - looks older for her age - although no sense - 'dumb blonde' and a bit immature. 

sister molly - brunette - no make up - mature - clothes are quite girly and childish - seems inferior to her sister this is shown in camera angles between the two conversing - nails are just cut no fancy manicure - girl is too young to cut crusts off her sandwich so the older girl (poppy) does it for her. 

delivery drivers - in uniform - strong - muscles - camera angle (low) to show this also it pauses on them for a few seconds so we see they are dominating 

dad is seen as dominating - shouting - casual clothes 


shut up and drive - rihanna - strong confidence track - a lot of bass - showing choice in music as being quite girly - rihanna is seen as a woman who is a feminist so the track to the girl is showing independence and strength 

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