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OpeningEG3: Le Donk and Scor-Zay-Zee

Shane Meadows,2009
Film Poster
Big Arty Productions Warp Films Budget: £48K; US box office: $3.5m


using 'creative' idents or the use of the directors name going twice once at the start of the titles and once at the end. And maybe using the same theme with the idents as with the titles



the idents used have been adapted around the genre of the film - that being cartoon - jokes - and not serious giving it a 'silly' tone. Everything looks like it has been drawn with a black fine liner. This signifies artist and a creative person which we see when the film starts as they have shown a person who likes music and appears to like living on the road.


same applies to the titles in connection with the idents however the director - Shane Meadows has been mentioned twice once at the start of the titles and once at the end of the titles. 
In order of apperance:
Starring Paddy Considine
Olivia Colman
Featuring Richard Graham
              Seamus O'Neil
With Arctic Monkeys
Set Designer Alex Collins
Sound Danny Crowley
Camera Dean Rogers
           Shane Meadows
Editor Richard Graham 
Line Producer Clare Slessor
Excecutive Producer Steve Beckett
Original Music By  Scor-zay-zee
Devised by Paddy Considine
                Shane Meadows 
Producer Mark Herbert
Director Shane Meadows
Elements of the Sound Mix:

Opening Scene


Opening Scene: 

  • The crowd is cheering - diegetic sound
  • battered caravan - rubbish on the floor 
  • Le D.I.P above the door of the caravan - duct tape with paper stuck above the door
  • 'star' gets out - wearing trackies - baseball cap - which reads the slogan 'kids need pugs not drugs' - not typical or stereotypical celebrity
  • the caravan is situated in the back of an industrial estate connoting its not 'hyped' 'classy' or 'upmarket' - lorries visible
  • Industrial park
  • camera men shown like theyre being filmed - home video? - Band video?

Opening Scenes: 

Home video theme again 
outside one of the band members houses on his street 
not typical celebrity style home/area 
Walking on stage
the street has been shown as - rubbish on floor - working class - red bricked terrace housing - this being associated with cheaper housing and terrace housing being cheaper too - old cars not your stereotypical rich person with expensive cars outside - run down area maybe with abit of poverty - general weather appearance of dark clouds and grey sky and stance showing its not the wealthiest of areas because in typical britain especially in american films it is always shown as either pouring it down with thunder or sunny weather.
door gets jammed showing its not in the best quality showing its age
the paint on the door is shabby and chipping 
not a standard door handle - cheaper 
door opens - holds puppet scares audience - laughs - this showing a comical side to the film - comedy emerging 
talks about how he thought the film would be a big movie set - and therefore proving this film isnt worth millions - background noise created through passing lorries - not typical in a film - stating it is more documentary style than a film showing it is made on a cheaper budget


house is messy - jackets slung over coat dummies - cardboard shoe boxes containing trainers probably due to the Adidas logo on one of them showing theyre not the typical celebrity with the louboutins and the jimmy choos on show. 

simple living area no fancy 'trinkets' - just the basics 
smoking in the house is a general trade of people who are not very well off and live in poor areas 
kitchen is a mess - food and drinks everywhere - rubbish everywhere - knives on the worktops 

the clothes are simplistic - t shirt - beanie - washing machine broken - dirty clothes shown - at one point one isnt wearing trousers 

scor - acts like a typical teenager - headphones on - unmade bed - stuff on the floor - hat on inside - wearing a tracksuit


Showing the musical talent of the singers in the band. showing the comical side as it contains humour within the rap - this is during the idents and titles using audio-bridge this all relates to the film and genre

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