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Opening EG1: Bridget Jones's Diary, 2001

Movie Poster
Bridget Jones's Diary 
Budget: $26m; UK box office:£ 41m


main character starting with a monologue


Universal Studios 
Studio Canal
Miramax Films 
Working Title - audio bridge - flute plays - non-diegetic sound 

first title - main character  
In order of apperance:
Renee Zellweger 
Collin Firth
Hugh Grant
Jim Broadbent
Gemma Jones
Casting by Michelle Guish
Line Producer Peter McAlleese
Music Supervisor Nick Angel
Co Producers Debra Hayward
                   Lisa Chasin
Same style of writing used 'girly handwriting'
Original Score by Patrick Doyle
Costume Designer Rachel Fleming
Production Designer Gemma Jackson
Editor Martin Walsh
Director of Photography Stuart Dryburgh
Excecutive Producer Helen Fielding 
Based on the Novel by Helen Fielding 
Screenplay by Helen Fielding 
                    Andrew Davies 
                    Richard Curtis
Produced by Tim Bevan
                  Eric Fellner
                  Jonathan Cavendish
Directed by Sharon Maguire

starting the diary
Bridget Jones is a Rom-Com about an unattached 30-something who realizes she's got to change her life. After a New Year's Eve, she vows that this new year is the one in which she'll get her act together. She'll lose weight, she'll smoke and drink less, and she'll document it all in a diary.

Elements of the Sound Mix:

  • womans voices starts - middle aged - narrator - sarcasm and slightly fed up tone  
  • dialogue continues throughout opening between herself narrating with the occasional dialogue from mother christmas music starts - upbeat jolly tunes - non diegetic sound   
  • then fades and becomes diegetic sound door closes - diegetic sound older woman starts to talk to middle aged woman - her mum background music and inaudiable chatter

Opening Scene: 

opens on MS of Bridget as she walks past in the snow - blonde middle aged naive woman quite shy - lost - no purpose? 

Opening Scenes: 

binary opposites 
man - woman - bridget and mr darcy 
urban - hometown - london - countryside - parents live - rurual 
dominant - mum bossing her around trying to find her a boyfriend - sparking tension between her and mr darcy 
submissibe - bridget - on her own no one to sympathise with but her dad - actually likes mr darcy and isnt like all the others her mum usually picks out for her or chooses


Opening scene - cold wintery snowy weather - pathetic fallacy - miserable - fed up
Bridget - Thick coat and scarf on - not glamourous - no make up and hair is not perfect - made to wear plumper clothes to make her look more overweight.
mum in shot - typical wear of a woman of upper middle class - clothing worn is usually worn by a woman of her age - accent is southern english showing class and this being stereotypical of an english represented in a Rom-Com - the dutch angle used at the beginning signifies alienation and intimidation. 

Bridget 2nd Scene - wearing pjs - red - room is a mess - watching tv - reflecting what she is thinking and feeling within the programmes used - drinking wine A LOT - 

After drinking the wine diegetic sound turns non diegetic as she mouths the words to the song

Daniel Cleaver

Mark Darcy - Important job - a lot of money - dresses according to the job - suit, tie, briefcase etc - shows the townhouse as a sign of his wealth.

Daniel Cleaver - Important job - a lot of money - dresses not according to the job - suit, but no tie and top button undone creating a more relaxed approach - shows the townhouse as a sign of his wealth.
flirtatious remarks from daniel with bridgets bad fashion sense

Bridget Jones - Single - overweight - good job - woman being more dominant - no fashion sense as such - big knickers - and doesn't dress according to her job with low tops and short skirts.


All by myself by celine dion - relates back to the monologue that she is going to be 'living by her self and been eaten when dead by alsatians' if she doesnt do something about it. The song is also sad so reinforces the narrative.

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  1. there are several YT uploads of this, eg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2aEgmIuDoY and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2UI9zzKLNk