Tuesday, 22 October 2013

OpeningEG2: The Warriors

Production: Paramount Pictures
Budget: $7m; US box office: $3.5m
IMDB 7.6/10


I like the idea of using the font to connote the strong and the violence however I more into girly chick flicks so may adapt this idea to a more girly format but I like the direct links. 



Paramount Pictures

text for titles
the titles are shown in a bold red colour and the font that has been used is specifically chosen for the genre of the film which has a a graffiti style that looks like it has been painted across the screen. This signifies the bold red being violent and could connote blood also red is a strong colour so it could signify someone or something being mentally or physically strong. 

Elements of the Sound Mix:


Opening Scene: 

wonder wheel - pink lit up ferris wheel - nighttime

Opening Scenes: 

leader of gang
dark - night - train pulls in lights on - no other light source 
coloured man appears - head dress - traditional african necklace 
group are seen to be getting on an 'old' even for the time period train - full of graffiti - men all wearing leather waistcoats which all have the word warriors on the back along with a skull in between 2 angel wings the edges of the angel wings covered in blood connoting violence
another group walking under a tunnel in red hats that have a blue strip around them wearing black shirts with a black with a white dotted design tie with cream chinos and a shiny pink waistcoat 
another group - graffiti can be seen - metal bars - black trousers black braces with red and black striped top with a black bowler hat and have white face make up
another gang
point of view of the train - shot to show direction speed and movement 
aother group white trainers baggy jeans navy blue top walk under a tunnel containing grafffiti - scare a woman standing along underneath it
various other small groups shown


graffiti showing areas wealth - showing poor area - poverty 
clothes - leather waistcoat shows power and strength 
another gang 

another gang

another gang

Narrative, Genre, Expostition:

Action, Thriller


eery music sound with steady beat to the rhythm of the train over the top.

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