Monday, 23 September 2013

TisEng: A Typical 'British' Film?

This is England 
Film Poster
Shane Meadows, 2006

Production Companies:
  • Warp Films
  • Film4
  • Em Media
  • Big Arty Productions
  • Optimum Release 
  • Screen Yorkshire
  • UK Film Council

Also Directed:

  • Small Time; 1996
  • A Room for Romeo Brass
  • Once Upon a Time in the Midlands; 2002
  • Dead Mans Shoes; 2004
  • Somers Town; 2008 
  • Le Donk and Scor-zay-zee; 2009
  • The Stone Roses: Made of Stone; 2013

Social Realism Definition: (As a genre) 

Film makers who draw attention to everyday conditions of the working classes and the poor. 

Social Realist Films I've Seen:


  • Box Office Estimated at: £1,315,593
  • Length of Run: 4 weeks 
  • Starting Screen Number:62
  • Highest Screen Number:151

Money US:

  • Box Office Estimated at: $320K
  • Length of Run: 15 weeks 
  • Starting Screen Number: 1 
  • Highest Screen Number: 14 

  • UK Box Office: $3,144,754
  • Sweeden: $1,375,066
  • France: $1,408,593

Facts and Interesting Points: 

The learner car that combo drives has a 2005 tax disc displayed on the window screen.

The takeaway that shaun passes has a telephone number starting 0115 this area code did not come into effect until the early 1990s 10 years after the film is set. 

'Since Yesterday' by strawberry switchblade can be heard on the radio although it wasn't released until November 1984.

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