Sunday, 29 September 2013

Media Film; Reflection Points To Develop

  • Looking back on my first completed piece. I really enjoyed the planning and the structure of how we were going to film everything and being organised, but i also enjoyed trying out the equipment and getting used to the different angle and shot types practically rather than theoretically. 
  • I also liked trying out the software we used to edit it (Final Cut X Pro) and knowing that i could click press and try anything and if it looked good keep it and if not i could undo it. 
  • I loved the experimental side to it which was interesting and an easy way to learn first hand instead of being instructed step by step. 
  • I liked the filming and for a first time i was quite proud but i felt also there was still a lot to be improved on as we got our filming times and accuracy wrong which was a minor mistake which i will remember for next time i film something. 
  • I also think we tried too hard to use all the different shot types which i think in some of the scenes looks weird, staged and out of place. 
  • However i understand why we did it because we had to try use all of them but some of them just didn't fit so next time i think i would try to use the different shot and angle types in the correct places if possible.       

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