Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Idea 4

The scrapbook has been eliminated

location - school - follow the main character and love interest on their journey to school cut between the two so we give the impression they are destined for each other.

At school they are going to meet and the love interest is going to be going out with someone who is not an outsider and who is typically sport etc. Embarrass her by tripping her up and then her friends are going to humiliate her.

characters are going to be between 16-18.

for this we are going to get inspiration from
trick or treat for the humiliation
heathers for gang
napoleon dynamite for diegetic titles
pretty in pink for the outsider

3 main characters - protagonist - love interest - antagonist
2 sub characters - friends of the antagonist

love interest is going out with the antagonist
antagonist and protagonist are enemies 
the protagonist is treated as an outsider

this all created the love triangle

voice over to be delivered during the opening sequence when titles are present

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