Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Researching Rom-Coms

I watched this video as it shared my genre of rom-com i liked the fact that they used interesting titles, such as the cheerio box and the steam from the mirror, we can see from the series of shots that the guy in the film is late, this is signified by him rushing about and swearing as well as making mistakes due to carelessness we also get the impression that he is quite disorganised as he leaves his book and ultimately he is late as he gets up late for what we presume is work. This is also signified by the suit with a crisp white shirt tie and black shoes as well as a briefcase. Towards the end of the film we see he falls over a stereotypical action performed by actors to make the character look inferior.

Things I will take from this:

interesting titles

Things I will learn from:

Continuity editing - at times it became jumpy and were different speeds in which the actor performed but editing could have helped improve this.

Although this opening didn't directly link to my chosen genre I think it works as it is a romantic drama which in someways still has a lot in common. From this video we have an impression that it is old due to the pixelated footage and because it is in black and white, the clothes that the girl is wearing are not typically from this generation also signifying that it is old, in addition the music is slow with slow notes played on a piano this suiting the moment and the opening perfectly. We move on a couple of shots and find there is a man standing with an army uniform but not one that is recent so still signifying its an old war so possible ww2. If the man standing there was her husband she would run up to him but se doesn't instead she walks slow possibly connoting the fact she is going to receive bad news which in the end she does, as she find out that her husband has died.

Things I will take from this:

The use of appropriate music

Wide range of shots
Narrative enigma as we do not see the soldiers face

Things I will learn from this:

Lack of titles

black and white - if he/she wanted to show it older they could have used sepia to create a better effect

I Liked this rom-com opening because I liked the way they have used interesting titles which personally i think are better than the ones I saw in the first opening as these are more refined 

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